2e Solo Art Expositie

Solo expositie op zaterdag 2 april van 15.00 – 17.00 uur.

Locatie: Camping Quinta de Odelouca.

Iedereen die in de buurt is, is van harte uitgenodigd om deze expositie te aanschouwen. De schilderijen zijn te koop. Er is op dit moment weer voldoende plaats om te overnachten op de camping . Groetjes en tot ziens, Bert en Thea


Vandaag zijn de schilderijen van Thea voor het publiek te zien.

Without words  
Art is all about feeling. It is the painters ultimate expression. A brushstroke is a word. Many brushstrokes are a story. This is my story.   I am a  self-taught painter and developed my painterly story in the last 2 years. Before that time, I never painted although I had some creative expressions in young adulthood.   The process  is an investigation into what moves me. An investigation that will never end, because of “panta rhei”:  everything is moving, everything is always evolving. I am  always evolving. And every research for a painting becomes part of myself and invites for new research. A never ending story.   My paintings are between figuration and abstraction. From the observable world I make my own translation into a drawing or painting. Sometimes this is a fairly realistic image, but it can also be an abstraction or a combination of both.  

I hope you will enjoy my first exhibition Thea Booijink

Location: Campsite Quinta de Odelouca

Vale Grande de Baixo, Porto da Figueira

São Marcos da Serra

N 37°20’22.29”                 W 8°22’20.18”